My Thoughts on FREE Lead System…

I just wanted to put down my thoughts on this FREE Lead System.

When I first took a look at the system, I thought I can generate leads for what I’m doing online with this no problem.

I didn’t really understand it… so I got a few leads come in then I realized I couldn’t just send them emails from me… I saw that as a major problem.

So I quickly realized that upgrading was the way to go. Upgrade and then I could make $6 per lead who upgraded as well… now that appealed to me, so I upgrade for just $7 one-time and I made a few sales on other people upgrading as well… didn’t make a fortune, but made my first few online sales. Still couldn’t email my list through this system though.

So I looked into it a bit deeper. This is what I found if you became a customer for just $30 you’d get access to all the features… all the bells and whistles… and I could email my list now, then I learnt they had a Affiliate Component to the program.

So what would I get for becoming an Affiliate?

$20 on everyone that became an Affiliate as well… watch this video it explains it well.

After seeing this I was in. I joined as an Affiliate of the program. Why wouldn’t anyone.

Then I realized they had other products in the back ground as part of the system for you to make money on as well.

This got me excited because now this could be my Primary Business as well as my Lead Generation program… 2 for the price of one.

So in reality is it worth giving away something of value for FREE.

I’d have to say with an overwhelming YES!! it is.

I almost forgot they also through in FREE Affiliate Training to boot.

They DO the Work… You Get Paid!

We are all looking to make money online… what I’ve found is knowing how to do it and doing it are two different things.

This is the vehicle to get you to your DREAM.

Your WHY? Is the fuel in your vehicle… please know why your doing it or you’ll just flounder around and achieve nothing.

If you don’t have a Vehicle then grab it here…

Making Money, Money, Money Online

So you want to make money online… good for you.

So have you got a Product of you own to sell? Do you have a Business Opportunity you want people to join you in? Do you have some sort of offer maybe an Affiliate Product you want to sell?

Let me tell you when I got online I had zilch… nothing of value to give to people to capture their e-mail address. Nothing to sell of my own. I wasn’t involved in any Business Opportunity of any description. Why to do?

I had no marketing skills… and I wanted to change my fortune, I was a sad case. Some of you might relate.

Then I started to learn a few things… you need something of value to give away free to capture e-mail address.

You need a Capture Page to do that.

Once you had that you needed an Auto-Responder to send out e-mail campaigns… not to mention Broadcast e-Mails.

You needed a Contact Manager to manage all your leads.

The list goes on and on.

So I joined an online program, it only cost $10 to be involved in, thing is to make any money from it I needed thousands of people involved as well… not an easy thing to do and I made nothing really.

Then I started looking around for other things that would make me money… with not much effort (thing is it’s going to take effort on your part doesn’t matter what you do).

After listening to a lot of experts and guru’s who are just really good Salesmen in my opinion I lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars we no real return.

The lessons I learnt here were fairly costly lessons to learn… but I did learn.

So how do you make money online… I personally think there really isn’t a step-by-step way of doing it. You just need to work your butt off, and learn from your mistakes.

I then stumbled across a system which has a training area with everything you need to know about Marketing Online.

Find out more about the system here…

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

A Marketing Funnel is simply a way to sift and sort your prospect so you can find who is interested in purchasing from you.

Here is a typical funnel.

So the first thing is to get leads into the top of your funnel this is usually done by capturing their… Name and e-Mail address through a Lead Capture page.

Now once you have captured the Lead they are taken to a presentation of some description… Sales Page, Video Presentation… etc, etc.

This is very important because you need to peak their interest at this moment to see if what your offering is of any value to them.

Here is an example… it’s short and to the point and it also starts up-selling for you after just 17 seconds, to help people decide if they want to increase their sales and profit… right out of the blocks.

Now if they make this decision then they will take action and buy… boom your Sales Funnel starts making you money right out of the gate.

So what has happened here, you have taken a person who is looking for something and then filtered them through your funnel to find your buyers or business associates who are going to join your team and work with you.

Now there are many ways you can create a funnel, DIY, Marketing Systems and more… it’s up to you to work out whats best for you.

I use this Funnel which is a pre done for me funnel that any member of the Lead Lightning can use… see it here

Why Give Away a FREE Lead System

Sometimes it seems a little strange to give away something for nothing.

So what happens when you do give someone this system.

First of all, the person you give it to has the opportunity to collect leads for anything they are promoting or involved in.

Now as they start using it, an awesome thing happens as from the person generating leads. Every second lead they generate goes into your contact manager… so let’s say they generate 50 leads well 25 of those go into your contact manager. So as you give away free systems and those people start using it to build leads… your leads grow as well, just for giving them something of value.

So simple isn’t it… so if you had 10 people using the system and generating 50 leads each that is 500 leads, you got it you would get 250 into your system.

Now I hear you say why would I give away every 2nd lead away… we have you covered there as well. When you upgrade to Lead Lightning for a one-time fee of $7… yes you read that right… $7.

You keep all your leads you generate through the system.

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has the potential of making you $1526… absolutely.

A Full-Time Side Hustle…

How do you create a full-time side hustle?

You’re probably thinking about jumping into the Affiliate Market Arena…
and reselling PLS as one of your affiliate offers, and how you can turn it into a full-time side hustle, or full-time cash flow… making $500 a day even a $1000 a day without having to recruit mega people, with just 1 or 2 people only.

Franco Gonzalez has been in this industry for around 20 years now and is one of the top online teachers today. For me at the time of writing this post, I am still wet behind the ears, so to speak… so I’m going to let Franco, take it from here is this video.

Before you start I suggest you get a Note Pad and Pen and cut off all distractions, it will change your financial situation for sure.

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